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Middle School 1st and 2nd Hours Reading Supply List and Classroom Information

Reading students must carry their reading supplies with them for healthy practices. Students should have the following supplies ready to use daily in the reading classroom. 

pencils or blue/black pens

Expo markers

Notebook paper

Colored pencils 

Earbuds to be used with the school’s IPADS and/or notebooks, these can be $ Tree earbuds or whatever the student wishes

The following two items will be kept in the reading classroom.

1 pocket folder for classroom papers

1 spiral notebook for academic vocabulary

Nose tissue, clorox wipes, regular wipes, and germ sanitizer are always appreciated for our reading classroom! Students are not required to bring these items. These items will be excepted throughout the school year.


Each student will be required to always have a book with them to read when their work is completed in the classroom. Students may bring these from home, the library, or they can check out a book from my classroom library.

Students will be taking a benchmark reading test each nine weeks to monitor their reading improvement. We will become better readers by working on vocabulary, reading skills, and comprehension skills. Reading assignments are primarily completed in the classroom. When students miss school their work will be made up during Tiger Time,upon their return to school, or virtually.

Communication between school and parents is very important to support middle schoolers. Do not hesitate to email, text, or telephone me at any time.

Dana Boyer

Reading Specialist

405-356-2533 or 405-356- 2256

cell: 405-550-1035